Social media marketing goes beyond sharing videos and boosting posts on Facebook. We want to identify your target audience, speak to them the way they want to be spoken to, and stay on their minds even after they close the app.
“Jenny has earned her way and deserves your attention."
- Gary King, Owner of King Payment Solutions

Small businesses are the heartbeat of communities. You've mastered your craft, and now it's time to take your presence online where your customers already are: social media.
Social media can be a way to get direct sales, but a lot of the time, it's just about showing off what you've got. It's about reminding people you exist and that they like your business.  
(Me, literally today: "I saw on Instagram that new Italian place has AMAZING-looking cocktails. We should go this weekend!")
How do you justify investing in social media marketing?

I'll just say it right now: organic social media is a long-term strategy.
It’s building a community. It has the potential to tap into new audiences (and we will). We'll engage with current and future customers in your target audience to grow brand recognition in your area.
It takes work, but organic social isn't dead. I can't think of a single person who would rather be served an ad over a personal exchange from a brand made by a real person who liked their post enough to comment on it.
Ads have their place, don't get me wrong, but marketing is circling back around to sincerity. We can run ads, but you need to be genuine TOO. Authenticity is so important right now for brands and as a small business, you are a perfect fit.
You don't have time for all of that. I do.
I learn your brand inside and out and then become its voice.
Or, we figure out who your brand is and then create a voice together.
Social listening is important too and that's something else I'll do for you. Think of it as googling yourself (your business), but all of the results are what's happening at that very moment. This can help us lean into the right things to post or even we learn where we need to improve—and quickly.
On top of all that, you should justify the investment in social media because it’s important to just BE THERE in the best way possible. If someone can say, “Hey, I remember seeing this business somewhere before,” you already have a warmer lead. It’s all about that brand recognition, baby.
My proven approach:
Straightforward and stress-free social media marketing.
Customized strategies: Your business isn't cookie-cutter, and neither is my social media. Everything is always tailored to your unique brand.
Hands off (for you): If you want to be. Let me handle it all for you.
Content that captivates: From punchy posts to interactive stories, I craft content that resonates and engages.
Engage with others: I'll comment on posts of customers and other businesses to maximize your organic (non-paid) reach.
Data-driven decisions: No guesswork here—my strategies are backed by analytics.
Community building: Build a genuine community of enthusiasts and advocates!
Are you READY?
Imagine the peace of mind knowing that your social media strategy is not only active but thriving—and driving real business growth.
Don't sit on the digital sidelines. It's your turn to get in the game.

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